Flandrin Finance is a multi-family office specialized in private equity

A Club for Entrepreneur-Investors

​​We advise families willing to diversify their investments towards non-listed assets. We also advise entrepreneurs willing to be actively involved in their private equity investments backing management teams.

​We propose several investments every year to our clients corresponding to their investment criteria.

We source the deals, we perform due diligence, we negotiate the terms and deal documentation and we monitor investments on behalf of our clients.

​We invest opportunistically in all types of situations, always teaming up with specialists (managers, co-investors…). ​We mainly invest in Europe and in Africa.

Our Values

  • We invest at the same time as Entrepreneurs, Managers and Financial Sponsors

  • We align our interests with our client’s interests

  • We put our reputation at risk on every transaction we are involved in

​Flandrin Finance is a member of Chambre Nationale des Conseillers en Investissements Financiers (CNCIF), association regulated by the AMF.​​

Our Areas of Expertise

Acquisition and Growth Opportunities : 

We structure acquisitions of Small and Mid cap companies or we co-invest alongside best-in-class lead investors.
We target companies from all sectors that are at a turning point, either for managerial, shareholding or financial reasons.

Real Estate ​Opportunities : 

We co-invest alongside best-in-class Real Estate Operating Partners in opportunistic deals in Europe.
We invest in under valued assets, promotion or debt opportunities, in order to reach above average reward while maintaining a controlled level of risk.

African ​Opportunities :

We use our networks and our business experience in sub-Saharan Africa to structure opportunities or co-invest with leading African investors in growing SMEs.
We also help European companies expand their reach to sub-Saharan Africa.


In addition to investing, we offer our clients, their family offices and private wealth managers all the services that enable them to implement their strategy in private equity :