An investment philosophy matching the investors’ needs

Vintage co-investment funds

Through these yearly vehicles, Flandrin offers direct co-investments into companies


Within 12 months, the objective is to build up a portfolio of 4 to 6 non-listed investments, with top tier co-investors, across Europe and the US, and from diversified sectors of activity


5-to-7-year horizon allows a relatively quick return on investment, in line with usual private investors’ expectations

Investments in funds

For clients looking for more diversification, Flandrin advises on funds selection as well


Flandrin invests in both primary and secondary funds, and works with the most successful management teams offering a variety of investment themes and sectors


This selection of funds is based on management teams’ proven experience in investing and supporting companies with a long-term value creation goal

The Club of Investors

The Club brings together entrepreneurs and families, investing directly in a deal-by-deal approach


The Club also regularly invests in private debt and real estate assets

Structuring and advising Private Equity funds

Flandrin structures and advises funds on behalf of institutional investors


Flandrin offers direct co-investment and investment strategies in primary and secondary funds

Investment solutions as described above are private equity funds, not approved by the French regulator AMF (Autorités des Marchés Financiers). Those vehicles are solely dedicated to qualified investors, as defined by the Article 423-49 of the Reglement General of the AMF. Such investors shall accept a risk of capital loss, and a specific risk linked to private equity investments. Redemptions are usually not possible with these investments