Tailor-made services

What are tailor-made services?

Tailor-made services allow investors to determine and manage their own Private Equity strategy leveraging on the advice and opportunities selected by Flandrin’s team.

Flandrin assists its clients in structuring their own strategy and creating their own investment vehicle if required


This service allows


  • Family offices to enter the Private Equity market being advised by investment professionals or to broaden their access to PE transactions with Flandrin’s selected opportunities
  • Private banks to provide their clients with club deals and investment programs under their brand name
  • Asset managers or management companies with no expertise in Private Equity, or no critical size, to create investment vehicles under their name with outsourced investment opportunities selected by Flandrin
Flandrin’s team selects investment opportunities in funds, in the secondary market as well as direct co-investments opportunities.

Midas Wealth Management

The Luxembourg-based management company trusted Flandrin for the creation and investment of a €100m fund dedicated to Private Equity, as well as for the investment of an additional €40m in club deals for its clients.